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Drift with Dado: Your chance to win with Red Bull

Back to the blogosphere with a BANG!

Thanks to Red Bull, I have a chance for you and a friend to enjoy a CPD Co-Pilot Experience with Dado during the upcoming Red Bull Car Park Drift Qualifiers happening this Friday 17th of October. Basically you’ll be part of the action inside the car as Dado drifts around the arena in Oman Automobile Association.

Now for you to simply enter the draw and stand a chance to win, you’d have to answer this question correctly:

What year marked the first-ever regional competition series with 10 countries competing in the final event? 

Good luck! And girls you can take part in this too so don’t be shy :D

Hint: Pssst! The answer to the question can be found on 

Hello Ushuaia

Hello from chilly Ushuaia where the temperature is a lovely 6 degrees Celsius. Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world and is, literally, the End of the World! The trip to here was a very comfortable one actually; took a flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia from the domestic airport 'Jorge Newbery Aeropuerto' and for a domestic airport it is fabulous! Really loved it! Now getting down in Ushuaia, I was somewhat prepared that the airport would be a Salalah style airport where we literally had to walk to the arrival terminal but amazingly it is way advanced than I thought with walkways and everything in place. I must give Argentina credit for being way advanced in its infrastructure than most people give it credit for. I think partially I'd have to blame myself for the misconception of reading information online and researching about the country but interpreting it in a different manner.

Reaching Ushuaia and I am met with beautiful cloudy skies and mountains that are simply breathtaking; an amazing sight for sore eyes. But stepping out of the airport to the view was something surreal, a slap of cold breeze hits your face and the reality sinks in of this adventure and the reason why this is so important. These snowy mountains may not be snowy decades from now and to help keep this amazing view intact for the future is what is at stake.

I'm currently staying at the Hotel Campanillas for a night before I meet up with the rest of the 2041 team, I was told by Tiffany, one of the team leaders who greeted me at the airport that we are a total of 80 people on board and that tomorrow is when the real challenge and fun begins! So excited and can't wait. It has sunk in people! I am going to Antarctica!

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