Fever or no fever? That is the Big Q?

9:58 AM

Ever since I came back from Dubai last weekend for eid shopping, I've had feverish symptoms (more of influenza like symptoms). I also had the feeling of light headedness ever since, and then yesterday it became much worse; I got shivers and I was sure that my brother who still had the flu passed down the virus to me. So off I go to the hospital with my father.

Once I arrived there thankfully it wasn't as packed as I thought it would be, so no long waiting cue. Yay for me!! As soon as I got in the doctors office and explained what I was feeling, he checked my Blood Pressure and Temperature and to my surprise the doctor tells me that I don't have a fever or anything of that sort. I was surprised and told him that I am feeling the symptoms and have shivers and all. He just smiled at me sarcastically as if I was lying or something and ordered a bunch of medications for me to take and that was that!!

Although I was still not feeling well at all, and it was obvious with how I looked all pale and yellow. He just dismissed me as if I'm a prescriptions drug addict. That was really frustrating and I started arguing that if I was "faking" it as he claims. Why in the world would he prescribe me some medication if nothing's wrong with me. Funny enough it was a private hospital and I had to pay for a freaking consultation for nothing!!! I then decided to go to the polyclinic next door for a second opinion, who were so friendly. They started explaining that it could be something to do with my diet and that my immune system is weakening a bit as a result so I better start changing my diet. They injected me with something to get the muscles going. Voila!! in 5 minutes I didn't suffer from the symptoms and today I am quite fine except for some light headedness but that could be due to the migraines I get from time to time (at least that's what the polyclinic's doc said).

I still don't understand what the first doctor did actually. The patient should always be right until proven wrong and all he did was check my blood pressure and temperature full stop, nothing else!!! If that was the case then I am most certainly qualified to become a doctor!!! I am so not going to that place again!! Have you ever been in such a situation before?

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