All for Gaza!!!!

12:30 PM

For the past few weeks everyone has come to their attention the Gaza issue and the strikes that have been going on there. Everyone sympathized in various ways from texting, boycotting, donating and rallying against this stupid ridiculous and meaningless invasion by the Israelis (whom of course has their back covered by the US). Some say that its Israel's right to fight off any dangers to their illegal territory, some say its illogical, some say Bush wants to leave with a big bang, and some say that its all in the cards the republicans are playing to show that a Black demorcrat can never solve the world's issues. Whatever everyone says doesn't really matter because the fact is that this thing is going on and the death toll of civilians especially those of innocent children with their cute puppy eyes is rising. People should stand united in beating this thing and lead to an immediate cease fire!!!

As I mentioned earlier people are doing all sorts of things to try and express how unjust it is and the most obvious one that you hear about is the rallying and protests that are happening around the globe. In Oman there were two rallies that happened, they both started at 4 in the evening after the Friday prayers. One happened in front of the Palestinian embassy and one happened at the Grand Mosque in Muscat. I happened to go to the Grand Mosque one since it was said to be the much bigger one with TV stations present to capture footage. As soon as I arrived there the turnout was amazing, which showed how caring and attached people are to the issue. But come what may till the entire rally started transforming int a pro-hamas rally that had nothing to do with what was happening. People started chanting pro-hamas chants and started chanting saying: "Is Gaza for Arabs? No, Is Gaza for Arabs? No, Is Gaza for Islam? Yes". Now that was quite disturbing because most Palestinians expatriates aren't pro-hamas. They actually don't like how hamas is governing Gaza as far as I was told by many I know. Furthermore, most Palestinians that actually act and work in making their voices heard and want to make a difference in the world are for a fact christians. So the rally basically not only didn't appreciate all those Christian Palestianins that are striving to make a change but it disregarded the fact of freedom of religion that Islam states. It also disreagarded the fact that most foreign Palestinians took the rally as being offensive. This rally at the end of the day just contradicted its basic goal which was to open a ground for mutual understanding and to display solidarity to Palestine and those Palestininans that were participating in it.

All in all, I just hope next time around someone would have the time to actually think of what they are rallying for before they actually do something as stupid as this!!

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