And... I'm Back...

12:41 PM

Check.. check..

*hits the mic*

1.. 2.. 3..

*hits the mic*

Check check

Well here we go again. After what seems to be ages, I am reviving this place since boredom is forcing me to do wonders.

I’ve noticed lately that I tend to scribble a lot to kill time and all. A blog makes perfect sense (why would I have started one anyway?). A special thanks to my darling friend mittens a.k.a kitten who encouraged me into getting back to the world of blogging. One thing though, this blog might be constantly updated or occasionally depending on my mood and circumstances. Just a word of caution, don’t expect much =p

Enough with the reviving bit. I’ll come back later with something to blab about.

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  1. Finally!

    Thanks for mentioning me. Good entry! And you should update it once in a while, you know :P

  2. I sure will try to update it as much as I can. No worries mittens ;)


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