Is jealousy the same for men and women?

12:06 PM

Now this is something that I was thinking of yesterday, well actually today in the wee hours of the morning. Do we, men and women, react towards jealousy the same way? Do we actually feel the same way when we tend to be jealous? Is that emotion we all go through sometime in our life especially in our personal life the same?  I mean most men I know go on a free frenzy of anger and wanting to kill that person, they'd involve in a physical fight with the other guy who is hitting on or checking out his partner and so on. On the other hand most women I know, are much more collected and would boil their brains inside but act much more on a sophisticated note? They'd be all polite in front of people and turn into a green monster later on. Why is it so? Is it because men tend to act up on their first instinct and emotion while women tend to analyze and think of the situation first?   

Anyways it was a thought I had in my mind and thought of sharing my latest thought in hopes of maybe I might get an answer to this thought of mine.

So peeps shoot..!! What do you really think?

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