Music and I

12:22 PM

My relationship with music started ever since I was in my mummy's womb. She used to always play certain tracks while she was pregnant with me. The habit of playing music so loud and her singing along to the tunes of her favorite tracks for the sake of calming herself down grew with me. Mom claims that's the method she used to encourage her babies to have a good ear to music. I don't certainly remember any of that. But mom and dad claimed that everytime tracks that mom used to play while I was in her womb, would be played, I'd go turning around as if I am trying to look for the source of it all. It seems that I recongnized the sounds and knew that it was something I've heard before, something familiar. Ever since then, music has been a huge part of my life in general. I can't live without it. It is indeed my soulfood.

But then there's something about my music taste that many find awkward. I don't stick to only one genre. I love to explore. I listen to almost every kind of music that might come to your mind. I love that about myslef. I find that it makes me stand out of the crowd. What is even weirder (according to my sisters and friends) is that I despise what is popular to people's ears. For instance, Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas *rolls eyes*  I find it ear piercing and not appealing for that matter. I still don't understand how many can listen to it and call it music. It might be only me out there that hates it and catergorizes it as "Uber Gibberish" but then again like I said I have quite a different and weird taste in music. I guess mom did indeed play a role in developing my ear for good appreciative music. I'll be sharing some of my favorite tracks which are the best at soothing my heart in some other post (maybe I might get my music soulmate? Who knows?! =p).  However for now,  I'll just leave you with one until I scribble something else and update my scribblings.


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