Bad Boy Magnet?!

6:06 PM

A couple of days ago as I was minding my own business filling my car at the petrol pump, a guy stops and knocks on my window. Being the sweet and kind person that I am, I pulled down my window wondering what he wanted. I thought for a second something was wrong with my car. But this guy had another agenda in mind, which was asking me out on a date. As shocked and surprised as I was, I gathered the guts and courage to actually laugh at him and reply back saying: "if only you were cuter". The guy walked away and I drove off after paying for fuel.

That same day, I had a phone call from my mom asking me if I could grab her a ginger ale on my way back for lunch. I headed to the nearest gas station which is right nearby our house and went down to buy it for her. I grabbed the ginger ale and headed to the counter and another guy approaches me asking me for my number. I seriosuly had the WTF look on my face and before I could even reply back. The guy had the nerve to say: "if you give me your number, then we'll be chit chatting about bad dirty stuff.". I stood there shocked, left the ginger ale and walked out without getting what I came for.

As I continued with that day, I had in total six guys approaching me using those lines and it got me all struck. I kept on thinking, am I seriously a bad boy magent? I mean I don't count myself as a very attractive young lady. I am beautiful alright but to get guys go all gaga on me?! Well, let's just say it never happened to me before. What's the deal?! And plus what's up with all these guys thinking that using those lines might get them girls to hang out with? They seriosuly need to update their game if they think they have any to begin with.

Ah well I've ranted enough about that. Here's a piece of music that has never failed to get me star-struck, in a good way of course ;)

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  1. "if you give me your number, then we'll be chit chatting about bad dirty stuff."

    Honestly, when I read this line my face did a combo of O.O and :S That's SO creepy. What the hell?! I feel sorry for you to get guys like that approaching you. Disrespectful creeps!

    Fantastic song! I liked it (Y)

  2. I KNOW..!! I had a weird reaction but I was too overwhelmed to even reply back with a clever response. It's really creepy, I don't think I'll going out alone for a while now. Just to avoid those awkward situations.

    And yeah the song is one of my favorites this year.

  3. If you want them to leave you alone. Just give them a tired look and just cough on thier face. I assure you the guy will just walk away or you could carry a tazer :).


  4. Hahaha I shall try that then BeetlJuice.
    Thanks for stopping by ;)


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