Happy New Year..!!

5:42 PM

So I’m stuck here at home all alone with no one but my baby sister by my side. This is seriosuly the very first time I get piece of mind from all the constant kid noises and yellings but I’m bored out of my mind because of it. I’m a person who’s always used to noise with the only exception being when I sleep. So I decide for the heck of it, I’ll just turn on the computer and go online (which is something I totally never do on weekends; the web life is only part of my weekdays ). But then again I had no idea what to do since I was super bored, so I decided I’ll just play some music while I surf the internet. I started my i-tunes library on i-tunes dj and the first song that played was braveheart’s soundtrack ‘Freedom’.

Throughout the years, I’ve listenined to this song whenever I felt depressed and wanted to cool off. A meaningful piece of music that tells a story without the need for lyrics. As I go on listening to it, it brought back feelings and memories where most them were related to this year. It then hit me, gosh it’s the end of the year already. This year has been filled with everything you could imagine; happiness, sadness, pain, fear, betrayal, anger, power, anxiety, you name it. 2009 has been such a turmoil and whirlpool but I’m thankful for what I’ve gone through. It has played a role in building the Rummy that everyone knows now. It’s made me more mature, wiser, happier and importantly much more content with what the books have instore for me.

Well, I’ll leave it to that for now or else it would be an essay of how life-changing this year has been. One thing I’m very grateful for though, is the fact that I have more friends who care and I have a family who stood by me through my darkest time this year. I’m hoping that next year would be a turning point in my life. I’m wishing for the best anyways.

Happy New Year everybody, may all your aspirations and goals materalize in 2010 ..!!

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  1. Happy new year in advance, Rummy. You're a great person.

  2. Happy New Year Rummz!

    Inshallah the year to come would be an amazing and eventful year for you!

  3. Thanks mittens, you're a great person as well. Never change.

    G thanks. Inshallah Allah yesma3 mennek.


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