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So I work in Ghala, and that place of course is a nightmare on its own. You seriously are giving out your soul to the devil everyday while driving through the roads in that area. Loads of car crashes and accidents happen there. Trucks and trailers are usually driven by lunatic drivers who know nothing about safety or timid driving (I deep down wish they were timid). And yes of course, you have the insane traffic that you'd have to go through every single day irregardless of what time of the day it is. 

Anyhow, usually my morning routine starts out something like this. Wake up at 6:00, wake everyone else up, get my baby siblings ready for school, make them breakfast, get them into the bus. Then it's Rummy time, which involves; showering, getting dressed, make up, grabbing a bagel or sandwich and rooibos tea on my way out of the door and off to work I head. The time by then is around 7:15 or 7:35 depending on how late the school bus is. Then, I drive off, that is after saying my daily morning duas,  inserting a Yanni CD, closing the gates and yes checking on my appearance one more time. Now, all this seems like a piece of cake until I get to the series of roundabout I would have to take to reach work. That is of course after maneuvering the car in such a way to avoid those trucks and trailers to bump into me, tail-gating to avoid another car cutting in  line, and honking continously for those pedestrians who think that the road is someone else's backyard. In total, I get stuck in traffic for a maximum of 45 minutes to an hour every single day..!! My morning mood begins to take its toll and I get all angry and cranky. But I got used to it and stopped whining about it for quite a while now. What takes its place at the moment is reaching work and literally having no parking whatsoever to park your car.

I drive a car that is percieved to be huge (it's neither a truck nor a trailer if that's what you were thinking) and as you know a huge car can't just fit in and get parked anywhere. But lately I've become most willing to sacrifice that and hop to the passenger seat to get out for all that I cared. I then thought, well I'll just park a few blocks away and walk but in the area where my workplace is you never ever find a free spot. The thing that was funny was finding 4 other cars behind me looking for parking space and there were nil. So I did what a normal angry pissed off person would do, I parallel park behind a familiar car (in this case, my boss' car). Once he wants to leave for a meeting he'd ask me to move my car and I finally get parking space a few hours later that is. However, what really infuriates me is the fact that the building I work in houses six floors with approximately 3-4 companies per floor. Each company has a minimum of around 30 employees? and that's the amount of parking that we have at the building?! 30 if not less?!  Total ludacris if you ask me.

If I ever decided to build a commercial building in Oh-man, parking would surely be in mind. If we were in any European country, I'd understand, but we live in Oman for crying out loud, everyone comes to work with their own car; no one car pools (which is really bad) nor use public transportation (that needs improvement if you ask me). I just needed to get it all out, so I took the building owner's number and gave him a ring about the issue. He said nothing but agree that parking is a problem. I asked if he had anything in mind to solve it and he coldly said NO. Then I suggested to him, how about having parking at the back of the building as well? The guy was surprised that he never thought of it before and went on saying he surely will do that. A few days later, I find workers levelling the ground of the back space and I am happy to say that soon enough parking wouldn't be that much of a problem anymore. I wouldn't need to get angry every morning THANK GOD..!! In conclusion, Rummy saved her future morning mood =D

I've typed too much in this post, hahaha I apologise. Here's some Yanni to all of you guys following.

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