Saturday Blues

12:47 PM

Meh I have always hated going back to work on Saturdays. It always ends up being a very excruciating boring day. I hate Saturdays to death (Mondays when I was abroad).There's nothing to do. I never ever have pending work that I could work on because I always finish my work way before deadlines. All I have left to do is go online, which is as well uneventful especially on non-Omani forums since everyone is on a weekend except for us who are friggin' working. Now, I know most of you might think that I'm a cry baby and whine about everything but seriously I think I'll go insane with this boredom taking its toll on me every Saturday. Any tips on making life at the office much more exciting?! And please don't tell me anything related to the computer, I'm glued to it as it is. whether I like it or not. Usually I'd go walk by a co-worker's desk and chit chat with them but most of them have no lives or anything interesting to talk about , which yet again makes me feel even more blue than I already am. So any tips on the avoidance of partial insanity, if there exists a term as such?! I'm bored out of my mind here.

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