Yes I am Swahili SO?!

6:50 PM

Coming from a multicultural country, Oh-man, it's quite noticeable amongst everyone living over here the differences between ethnic groups. People in Oman can tell who you are from the features that you have, which could be hard for an outsider to establish.

So at work given the fact that I work for an international company, I have co-workers from all over the globe. I have Indians, Pakistanis, Filipinos, New Zealanders, Australians and British as colleagues. Many of my coworkers would ask the occasional question, so You Are Omani?! I'd reply with a Yes I am, but I'm of Swahili heritage. Now, everytime I reply with that answer, my fellow Omanis would go all you don't have to tell them that. Why? Well apparently those who ask would degrade me because I sort of am shedding light that I am of not pure Omani decent. Now that is what seriosuly pisses me off and turns me into the female version of the Hulk.  Let them think whatever they want to. After all, I'm not going to hide my heritage from anyone. I am Swahili and I'm very proud of it. I wouldn't want to have been of any other origin but the way I was destined to be.

The thing is many people I know have the habit of not admitting that unfortunately. I still to this day cannot understand that mentality. I am a firm believer that a person demands respect from their peers through thier work and job status they make of themselves not on origin, financial nor social status. Actually, it's human nature to respect the person who demands respect. It is sad that nowadays many people still have the ideology that a person has the right to judge you from where you come from. What's even funny is when I come and meet up with someone who is willing to swear they aren't of Swahili or any other decent while their features, the way they speak and where they live sometimes sells them off as a person who is trying to cover it all up. Why? Why? This is a riddle on its own.

While I am still in THE Swahili spirit, here's some Bongo Flava (brain flavor) to y'all of ya guys out there =D

Excuse the weird crazy lunatic-like dancing. This was back in 1997 :p  

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  1. hmmm...that's really odd. I didn't think it'd be an issue here! But it's awesome how you strongly feel about it. You know there are people like that all over the world they need to learn to be proud of their origins and accept it instead of covering it up and looking like a fool.

  2. Agreed. People need to open up and not just bring origin into everything.


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