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I was chit chatting with one of my friends about kids and how they really are annoying at times but they run away from murder for their cuteness. We went on and on remembering how it felt like to be a kid and how amazing it was to have no worries but eat, have fun and sleep. It made me think of how a pain in the neck I was as a kid to my parents and how hard it was for me to have friends.

Being the eldest, I grew up as a loner where the only person I constantly used to be around was my mother. My dad was a person I only met every two weeks and was the person who would pamper me to the extreme. So these two people were the only ones I knew and had contact with. As I started school, I encountererd other species of my own kind, age and size and since I was super short, the boys used to call me shorty or short girl. This was the sole reason that made me change into a bully throughout my school years. I got called to the prinicpal office countless of times, and as a result I never had friends like many people had with the exception of my neighbor. We never went to the same school, never had the same thoughts and are so different in so many levels but we managed to be friends through thick and thin. It was hard though since I never used to see her a lot but only for special events and what not during school years. What's funny is that this friend that I call my best friend doesn't know much about me and vice versa. As hilarious as it may sound, we always seem to discover something new about each other everytime we talk.

It is quite strange at times because a while back I never had but one friend and now I have friends that surpass the number of fingers I have in their number. I guess my social personality finally came into play after high school or maybe its just the fact that many don't know about me and who I was in school? Or maybe I'm an interesting person to get to know? I don't really know. All I know is, I am one lucky duck to get a second chance at friendship, it really has made a difference in the person that I am. But then again I fear that phrase 'People Change' that many refer to when they aren't friends anymore. I haven't gone through that yet and I hope I don't *crosses fingers*.

To all my friends out there, whether I know you in person or through cyberspace. I just wanted to take the oppurtunity to say that I am very happy I got to know you all and wish that our bond remains that way with nothing to change it. Here's a little something to all mi amigas out there <3 :

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  1. thanx ;P ! hope that phase doesnt ever come though

    PS , ur an interesting person to get to know

  2. I pray that it never comes too.

    Thanks cK. You're a gem I swear ;)

  3. aaaw *hugs*

    YOU! a bully so, that's so hard to believe.

    I really liked "I am one lucky duck to get a second chance at friendship, it really has made a difference in the person that I am."

    very sweet line. And Rummz, I'm sure all your friends (including moi :$) are beyond happy to have you as a friend!

  4. Well G you have to beleive it. I was a super BULLY and quite a loner during school.

    I'm happy that I have you as a friend G. It means a lot *hugs*


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