Sweet Dream or A Beautiful Nightmare?! (Part II)

4:54 PM

Lightning struck and its bright light went right into my eyes disrupting my peaceful meditation. I was having a moment with nature as I kept on staring at how beautiful the stormy skies above me looked like. The rain was subsiding, I can feel the rain drops and their intensity going down. Another sound of thunder got me to turn to my left as I was laying down with my knees bent to the side. The blurry figure started appearing in front of my eyes yet again. He is coming towards my direction I could tell. This time, I didn't bother to move a muscle and get into my sniffing habits to know who the guy was. I simply looked back up to the black skies lit by strikes of lightning and breathaking movements of clouds then close my eyes to take everything in. Every sound, every movement, every wind blow and every rain drop felt more intense and had me more in sync with nature. If heaven was just a little bit of this, then it would be a dream come true I thought. "Ahhh" a deep sigh I exhaled as I drowned myself into my own defintion of ecstasy. But soon enough it gets all interrupted with loud abrupt sounds. It got me all furious, opening my eyes I wanted to face the cause of this disturbance. All I get to see in front of me were feet walking towards me. It was the sounds of his footsteps that took me out of my serene happiness. I sat up with an angry look on my face and looked upwards to take a good look at this person who ruined the whole silent rain experience for me. "Such an exquisite beauty as yourself shouldn't be out so late" he said. His voice was masculine, husky yet deep that it sent shivers down my spine. I just gave a blank stare as a reply to what he said. "Sorry if that came out as rude" he said. "Well it did" I barked back as I went back to contemplate on the beauty of the sea that was turning rough with every minute passing. "Beautiful!" he exclaimed in awe, "I just love how calm the beach is at this time of the day, magnificent and...". This man continued talking as he walked towards me and ended up standing right beside me. He went on and on describing how wonderful the scenery was to him.  He managed to ruin the whole peaceful calm feel of having the beach all to myself. The last thing I ever wanted was a stranger to wreck the entire image I had of how I would spend the next few hours of dusk and watch the sun rise from the East all alone. Since I didn't want to lose those precious moments I've had and still am enjoying, I interrupted him angrily and said:

"Could you just leave please?"
"Why?" he asked. 
" You're interrupting my thoughts" I said in an alarmingly loud and harsh tone  
" Sorry, I didn't mean to" he was readying himself to leave until he asked "Is it okay if I stayed quiet but not leave?".
"Fine but sit over there" I pointed with my fore finger to my left, a few meters away from me claiming my own space of serenity back.

We sat there in silence for what felt like eternity. I was still breathing in that fresh air and filling it into my lungs. It felt like I was cleansing my spirit and soul from all the bad karma that have been haunting me for years. It was all quiet again and all I was hearing was the sound of the waves crashing, the wind sweeping past me and my polite giggle that was escaping from my mouth every once in a while from enjoyment. As I looked to my left, my eyes met with his. He was staring at me so I turned away. I then decided to look at him again and this time, his hands were playing with the sand and fiddling around with what seemed to be his car keys. He noticed I was looking at him, so he looked up and I immediately turned my face the other way. As soon as he went back digging up small holes with his keys, I'd turn back to take a glimpse. This time however, he caught me red handed looking at him and looked me right in the eye. His eyes were captivating and big with thick lashes that suited his eyes perfectly and outlined them beautifully. He then smiled at me; a smile that was just warm and soothing and made me smile back in return. I then turned back quickly to look at the sea in front of me. After a long awkward silence and fighting the urge to look back. He broke the silence and said:

"So you like the beach?"
"Like is an underestimation" I laughed.
"You love it that much? Oh yes how can I forget" he laughed as well
"Forget what?" I asked in confusion
"Oh you don't remember?"
"Remember?" suddenly feeling lost and unable to comprehend what he just said
"You don't who I am do you?" he asked as the cheer he had on his face was replaced with a sad smile.

I starred at him trying to figure out why he did look familiar in my eyes. I focused on his white flawless complexion, his stunning velvet brown eyes, that perfect nose that cut right across his face and the high defined jawline but to no avail. "I have seen you somewhere I think, but I can't seem to get my brain cells to recall where" I said. I was squinting in hopes that it would help me in knowing who this anonymous person was. So, he stood up and brushed his now wet dishdasha from the sand lumps that got attached to it and started walking towards me. "You still don't remember?" he asked. I shook my head signalling that I didn't. He then knelt, took out his hand and said "It's me, Ja...". I froze in my place before he even completed his name because it all made sense now.

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  1. Absolutely haunting. You got to finish this.

  2. a2aaaaaa xD finish it xD great description

  3. Woooooooooooooooah!!!!!!

    Okay, I can't wait for what's next!

    You're a fantastic writer. You're describing of everything is lovely! I can imagine everything <3

  4. You guys *smiles*

    Part Three should be posted soon enough ;)


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