Young Love

11:21 AM

I rushed back home for lunch in a hurry a few days ago. I was starving and famished to the extreme, my tummy started making those mumbling complaining sounds as I was speeding to reach home and give it some relief. Once I arrived home, I found my mom setting the table for me, she made my favorite oats soup. It's one delicious soup I tell ya, it's one of those foods that I could survive and have it for the rest of my life. If I were given the ultimatum to choose my one food that I would go on having forever, that would definately be it. Anyhow, as I greeted mom and kissed her forehead, dropped the keys and handbag on one of the chairs and making myself comfortable on the dining table, I found my mom anxious and walking past the dining room in circles.

"Mama, what's wrong? 5eir inshallah something happened?!" I asked her.
"No nothing just have your soup" she replied.
"How on Earth can I have my meal while you are marching across the room and going around me in circles?"
"Well..." she paused and then ignored me while walking up and down the room.
"Mama ya5i, come on what's wrong?" I asked now in a very concerned and agitated voice.
"I have something I need to tell you all" then she went on with that annoying movement she was doing.
"Which is?" I asked curiously.
"A7san we wait for all your sisters to come home, then I'll break the news for you all to hear"

At that moment my heart stopped, it felt like a heavy object was pressing down my chest. "What happened? Tell me? You can't keep me waiting. Is it grandpa?" that was the first thing that came into my mind because my grandfather had diabetes and I thought something terrible happened to him. "No, just wait a few mintues for all of them to come back for lunch and I'll tell you guys at a go" I got relieved that it wasn't him but still had a gut feeling that something bad occured someplace somewhere. By then my soup got cold and I wasn't able to have it. My intestines felt like they were stuck up in my throat and my heart started beating so fast from the crazy and panicking ideas I had in my head. I sat there silent while my mom kept tracking down the room and circling around me and the table as if she was performing pilgrimage. A few minutes later, "Salam A'alikum" my sisters arrived and greeted my mom by kissing her forehead. Then went on to greet me and shake my hand asking me how work was. "Okay go change and come have lunch, I have something to tell you all" my mom told them. My sisters had weird expressions on their faces and looked at me asking me what's wrong. I just shrugged my shoulders and shook my head signalling them that I didn't know anything. They went on and did what they were told. Minutes later, we all gathered around the table.

"Yallah break it to us" I told her as I got myself ready and all cushioned up for the bad news I was certain to hear. My mom's paces stopped and she slowly started walking towards us and says "Your brother..." then she pauses "What mama?!" "What happened to him?" "Inshallah 5eir" we all jumped on her saying those phrases as we worried to death. She looked at us all in the eye, and we all grew silent and dead worried that something happened to him. My brother is seven years old and is the only boy in the family, we all were girls and he was the youngest after my five year old sister. We had images run in our head thinking maybe he got injured, kidnapped, something really bad happened to him or he simply went missing because he went to a field trip with the school on that day. We started looking at each other as if we read each other's thoughts then looked at mom. "He's..." she interrupted our thoughts and silence, "He's in LOVE", my mom broke the news to us. We all had our jaws drop to the ground in shock. We tried registering what was just told to us but it didn't really click in our heads. We took a while digesting the thought only for one of my sisters to start cracking up that made us all giggle and eventually laugh. "Thank God he didn't die" I said whilst laughing hysterically. "Ditto" my sisters replied back. We ended tearing up from how much intense our laughter was. But we saw our mom still standing there with a frightened look on her face. "I never had any of you telling me you had a crush and asking for a bouquet of flowers to be sent to your crush" she spoke as we approached her and hugged her. "Well, mama it's just that we didn't tell you" we all replied while a chuckle managed to escape from one of my sisters. My mom's reaction was priceless, she literally had her eyes stuck out from how the news took her by storm. "Come on mama you had a kindergaten crush as well no?" she nodded her head "See, it's just a phase" we told her. "I guess I'd have to live with the fact that I have a son who'd be telling me everything. You girls never used to tell me about this" she replied back while shaking her head. We laughed it off and started reminiscing and talking about our first kindergarten and primary school crushes with our mom as she shared hers. 


It was funny seeing my mom in that situation, I guess I'll be going through that as well if I get the news broken to me that my son or daughter is in love while they are in primary school. Gets me thinking how media also effects young kids nowadays and how they think. I mean my brother knew that getting her a bouquet would win her heart over while I was clueless about this when I was his age. I'm so going to ban TV but Tom & Jerry when it's my time to raise my children inshallah, it plants too much premature ideas for their time in all honesty. I don't see anything good coming out of TV but waste of precious childhood times. But seriously for what it's worth, my mom's reaction was priceless and cute..!! :p  :p 

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  1. Right..!! So being a man is all about having a girl ya3ni?!

  2. You tell him Rummy! =P

    Miskeena your mom...she seemed very freaked out by it, she sure gave you guys a fright too lol

  3. Oh she surely did..!! It's something new and she hasn't got used to it yet..!! But she surely will be soon enough =p

  4. i meant he is being one but experiencing love and crushes :p , its called * growing up* ;p

  5. hahahaa........ banning Tom&Jerry a big No-No!!! sacrilege :D!!!!

  6. Oh wow, at such a young age? No woner your mother was freaking out, it's the effect of the media.

  7. Yeah I totally agree, the media is taking its toll on young kids

  8. lool that is soo cute !!
    just wait till he gets older XD

  9. Now that was scary! Glad all turned out fine, well it will be interesting to know how creative your brother will become...

  10. Hmm we'll just have to sit and wait I guess.


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