The Ass Trend

12:03 AM

Scene 1
Take 1
Time: 10 am
Location: Bank Muscat, Mina Al Fahal Branch

The driver dropped me off at the door step of the entrance; I got out of the car with all the paper work that was related with opening a new bank account. As I was minding my own business and heading towards the door, a fair lady cut right in between me and the door in a rush. She was in such a hurry that she managed to shove me off leading me to lose the grip of the file I held in my right hand. The file and all the papers got scattered all over the place. Funny thing is, as I reached down to pick up the papers and what not, I just seriously couldn't stop but stare with immense surprise at that lady and said to myself "DAMN"; not that she was drop dead gorgeous or anything but the derriere part was something else I tell ya. She had the lowest cut pair  of jeans I've ever seen. It seemed like she borrowed it from her younger ten year old sister or something. Literally speaking the ass was about to pop out for all to see. I shook my head at the scene of it, picked up my papers and walked in to finish off with the matters I had to handle.

Now I headed over to the assistant manager since I had an appointment with her and as I head towards her, I find that same fair lady and "DAMN", I said to myself yet again. This time I was speechless at the view that was caressing everyone's eyes. Half of her ass was literally out for everyone to see; the crack, the thong, the EVERYTHING. My eyes popped out in shock and the men were actually calling each other to enjoy the view. A few minutes later and everyone were behind her just checking her out. Needless to say, I confronted her and told her to cover herself up only for her to ignore my plea for some decency in a public place. After a constant begging battle, she decided to leave infuriated because I apparently hurt her feelings. I didn't care much to be honest and progressed with the business I was in the place for.  

Scene 2
Take 1, 2 & 3
Time: 1:30 pm
Location: Papa John's Qurum    

I was finished with the bank, all the bunch of meetings I went to afterwards and that buttocks drama was way behind me, or so I thought it was. I decided it would be great if I treated myself for lunch at Papa John's. So, I called up a uni friend and we met up there along with her husband. Of course, we haven't seen each other for months so we went through the ritual of the hugging, kisses on the cheeks and debate on where to sit. As we take our seats, the waiter gave out the menus and we decided to get pizza of course along with cheese sticks and some cocktail juice. Time passed by us as we caught up on our life happenings and what was new in our lives. It was simply a perfect afternoon until a bunch of girls sat right next to us. We chose to ignore them at first but they were very loud, which forced us from time to time to turn towards them and ask them to keep it down a bit. Now the icing of the cake that I know most of you would be anticipating *drum rolls*. YES they all had their asses sticking out with the crack and all. I kid you NOT, I repeat I kid you NOT, it wasn't even semi exposed. It was close to FULL nudity. Now for crying out loud, can't they feel that that part of their flesh is exposed and a breeze is brushing over the skin over there, aren't they at least getting chilly?! Or are they doing it on purpose?! It was irritating especially that two of them had their behinds facing us. It was right in front of our faces and it was awkward to me because we had a guy sitting in our table. I got disgusted and lost my appetite, so we decided to shift to another table only to find another bunch of asses shining like bright stars. So, we shifted to a third table that was clean from all that nonsense. The rest of the lunch period went on fine after that. Thank GOD..!! 

Scene 3
Take 1
Time: 4pm
Location: My workplace's conference room

I had a presentation to present in preparation to a tender bidding presentation I had due the next day. The IT guy comes in and fixes the projector, the computer and whatever was related to the presentation. The last couple of weeks, I got appointed as a supervisor to a bunch of trainees that are training in our company. Of course, my trainees are supposed to be amongst the first people present as for them to learn and digest all the things I'll be talking about, since I'll be following up with what they've learnt and what they haven't. Anyhow to cut the long story short, one of them was missing in the conference room. I decided not to wait and just start off. A good 15 minutes later, the girl comes in with her belly showing that piercing of hers, her thong sticking out of her pants and what's even annoying was that I so knew that the ass was coming out any second she decided to sit. I had enough of the ass museum exhibits that I've seen since morning and went on ballistic yelling at her on being unprofessional in front of everyone. Yes, I told her off and sent her home to wear decent clothes and she's going to have work piling up her desk as a punishment. And whoever says that I've gone too far. Trust me; what I did to her was nothing.

Okay there, I took it all out. What's up with the ASS trend? Or is it that I just ran into the wrong crowd today or what?! Irregardless of whether it's fashionable or not, irregardless on whether it's okay with you or not, irregardless of whether your boyfriend or husband likes it or not. Please just please wear such stuff behind closed doors. I beg of whoever knows someone who wears such clothes to just have the guts and slap their faces. Seriously where are we living? In the animal kingdom?!

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  1. That is so disturbing and disgusting! I've had my share of that trend in NZ...and even worse *cries* I never expected that here though tbh.

    What's next eh?! O.O

    and ergh at the men at the bank...they call each other to 'enjoy' the sad could they get those lifeless fools!

  2. Is this for real? That's really disturbing. I've never encountered such things, thanks god.

  3. G I know out of all the places I never expected that I'd find Omanis wearing such clothes. I mean seriously even those tourists think a million times before they wear such a stupid thing. and for the men, well they would take advantage of any chance they'd get for a free glimpse. pathetic if you ask moi.

    Kitten, I'm afraid it is for REAl, but I'm so happy and thankful that oyu never came across such a thing.

  4. I want to be in your shoes for a day. *they must be trainers, not high-heels or whatever*

    This is actually true. The ASS trend is gaining popularity among foreign girls in Oman.

  5. Well Dullister you are welcome to be in my shoes any day ;)

  6. so thats the latest fashion *thinks*

    naaah im out :p

  7. damn Rumms.... sure was your day :p!!! Muscats uhhh progressed??? sigh!!

    damn men contd to be the same pity!!!


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