Parallel Lives..?!

5:58 PM

Location: Beach
Time: 6:30 pm 
View: Dark yet serene

Yesterday evening right after work, I took a stroll at the beach with one very dear close friend of mine. Place was dark but lit with those side street lights that made it have one cozy feeling to it. It was breezy and the temperature was just right; a perfect place to unwind after one busy hectic day. As we walked bumping into each other's shoulders in an attempt to shove and make the other slip and fall, we engaged in a conversation that soon turned into one heated debate. It started off something like this with my friend looking up to the sky searching for something:

"Where's the star? Gosh I can't find it. There are too many unfortunately"
"Hahaha well you won't find it now sadly"  I said while I was shaking my head
"Ah well, no problemoz. It's okay because I have THE star right next to me" my friend said while laughing since my name has something to do with stars.
"Lol..!! I'm no star I'm just normal", I laughed while trying to dismiss the compliment
"Oh speaking of which, do you believe in life outer space?" my friend asked.
"Who me?” I asked surprisingly as it wasn't a topic we talked about before
"Yeah do you?"
"Errrrm I really don't"
"Oh such a pity because I really do"
"How on Earth would you believe that there is life out there? There's no clue about that whatsoever" I asked with an assertive sharp tone
"How can you prove that there's not?” my friend replies back.

And the debate commenced...


Those beliefs and stances I take and call mine especially when it comes to debate topics are mostly dependant on my faith and as well on my passion: Science. I choose to agree on what they can both come to terms with and disregard what science says if my faith says otherwise. Taking that to account, I'd say that I am a firm believer that alien life and what not just doesn't exist. I don't believe that life exists other than on this planet which we live on, EARTH. Why is that so? Well basically because scientifically speaking nothing has still been proven that life thrives or existed in the past in some other planet. Another point is, if a parallel life of you and me existed where people exchange ideas, thrive, develop way advanced technology, in my humble opinion, I don't think God would have chosen us to be his messengers in this life and universe. We were the species and nation selected. Messengers were appointed and chosen amongst us with the duty of  reaching out to as many all around with the message of God in our hands. My point is, if that message was to unite the entire globe including its entire species to unity of one God and one religion, wouldn't our task be reaching out to those others who are out in another parallel world and expose them to that message? Wouldn't it have been clearly stated by the prophets that another world was or is out there and our mission would be to search for them and make them hear the most precious and prized message that would lead to peace and so on? Or rather like it was mentioned that we don't live alone in the world as humans but rather we share this world with gins and demons, wouldn't it be mentioned that so and so people live amongst us in another parallel universe for instance?

Now scientifically speaking a planet with such criteria to Earth hasn't been found. A place with optimum conditions of living should be found to meet up with these claims of extraterrestrial existence. Evolutionists claim that life actually originated from outer space on another planet and then moved on to Earth (which makes me crack up in all honesty whenever I hear about it). Now I wonder if that was the case, where is this so called older planet that once was filled with life. What caused it to cease to exist? Funny stuff I tell ya is when I come to think about it, because according to my faith, life only existed on Earth, we didn't get shifted from one place to the next. A planet that has a star of its own like our sun, has its own orbit, is distanced at the perfect distance away from the sun and has the perfect speed of rotation, has an atmosphere along with many other factors is still yet to be found. So where the heck is this parallel life that many evolutionists and outer space fanatics claim?

Another point crucial scientific point to prove this are the main blocks of life as they are called, amino acids. Amino acids as many know are the main source that life came about. What made amino acids is the union of basic chemicals that reacted together in some sort of way to give off life. How this reaction took place? Nobody knows till now. Were they found in another planet? No. Are the main basic chemicals available in other planets like for instance Mars? Yes. Did life form from that? No. Was it proved that Mars had life before? No, it is disapproved more and more everyday. All in all, it all points to one thing. Life doesn't exist somewhere else..!! Basically, life commenced on Earth by an order of God.

Suffice to say all those efforts of claiming that a parallel life exists just supports my thoughts and strengthens what Abrahamic monotheistic religions have to say about the creation of life. ET, Star Wars and those other movies will forever and for always remain in the realm of Science Fiction nothing more, nothing less.

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  1. great debate, alot of people dont see it from the faiths direction, esp that science is everyday getting closer into discovering life outside,i have my doubts though...

    when it comes to faith, you clearly have a point, if there was any outer-life, then the prophets wouldv been told to spread it to the aliens , or at least warn us that we need to gather them and all living creatures and expose them to the message..that is true, but what if they arent human?! or something we never encountered before , as in animals.. animals cant use there brain and cant have any faith to decide on , so they dont need to be mentioned anywhere, and other than animals, any microbe, bacteria,virus might be out there, they are still classified as aliens.

    Scientifically, alot of planets that are *like* earth are found , which are called ( extrasolar planets), to date, 405 extrasolar planets have been discovered (with 37 multi-planet systems), and new discoveries occur monthly..other than that , most planets consist of water/ice which until its analyzed might contain some source of life.

    The theory that humans come from another planet is nonsense , as our faith stats otherwise..

    other than it , there been alot of ufo sightings, pictures, videos and even the 1950s secret UFO crash that the US government tried to hide in area 51 all support that they might really be some weird life outwards.

    For science geeks here is an interesting video to support it,

    amazing topic rumz =D

  2. Even if they were animals, I am quite sure that we would be asked to look for such a place. The Quran mentioned the stars, planets and what not. Yes, we were asked to meditate and think and discover but why claim something that is not? If you have material then by all means present it and I will believe you but other than that just plain don't. That's how it works after all, you have a hypothesis and either prove it or dismiss it and currently I'm dismissing it since no evidence has surfaced and the probablity of it ever existing would be there.

    Exoplanets or extrasolar terrestrial planets that you are talking about only classify those planets that orbit around a star. Many of those are gaseous hence are not rock and metal so how can they be *like* Earth?. None of those found are with an atmoshpere so how can they resemble Earth? It is estimated that at least 10% of sun-like stars have planets that orbit around them but do they support extraterrestrial life? I doubt it.

    And just to get your facts right the word MOST should be rectified to SOME, because most of those planets that were found arent rock solid so they can't have an ice surface on them. The very few that are rock solid are too hot hence making it impossible to first of all sustain life and the others that are cold enough to have ice on doesn't necessarily mean that once upon a time liquid water existed on its surfaces. Upto date, Earth is the only planet with liquid water.

    Regarding the UFOs I just find them hard to beleive. The 1950's crashing of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico is still in speculation on whether it's a hoax or not and I wholeheartedly beleive that it is. Sightings could have been definately mistaken for something else or edited or even someone making it up. Hence, it's not solid evidence to me that life exists out there, which leads me to the point that if what you claim that animals are those that are out there, how on Earth were they able to operate a whole machinery of a UFO by themselves?!

  3. well it cant be proven otherwise can it?

  4. Well what can I say that's actually true Delta


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