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8:03 PM

Twitter, twitter, twitter *shakes head*

What's the point of twitting?! I mean updating every few minutes with what you are doing is sort of I don't know errrm too much?!! (I don't know what word would fit in but... overboard might fit in somehow), so yes doesn't it seem like it sort of is overboard? Thing is I never happened to understand the point of it somehow. I mean blogging yes, you share your opinions and writing pieces for everyone to see and give criticism and discuss on, but twitting doesn't give you nor enable you space to grow. I won't deny that I opened an account and twitted on important events but still it felt like something was missing so I completely ditched it a few weeks after opening my account. And I lived and moved on with life without twitter being amongst the main dialy wwebsites that I go through. 

But then, a while ago I kept receiving weird direct messages via my e-mail from my twitter buddies with the following type of questions or remarks if I recall correctly:

Errrrm what link? Can't open it
Rummz is that you?
WTF? I can't open the link
Sorry but could you re-send it again? I can't seem to open it
Can't open the link, can you printscreen?

And I kept wondering what on Earth is the deal with all of them sending me weird messages? Hmm, something is fishy is what I told myself., but in the end, I decided to ignore since I wasn't bothered to go through the site anyhow until I started getting PMs on facebook and forums asking me about what I sent to them through twitter and some of those that opened the site went into a porno site. I was dumbfounded for a second, since I stopped using it a long while back and haven't entered the site ever since the new year begun. The only conclusion was that my account got hacked and through my account a porno movie link of some sort got mass mailed to every contact buddy I had on twitter. As a result, I had to go on and apologise to anyone that got into the pornon thingy and confronted me about and later, decided to de-activate my account, since I never saw any good coming out of twitter in all honesty, at least to me before anyone attacks me..!!

So it's bubye, au revoir, tot ziens, and a BIG FAT Adios to TWITTER  

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  1. its mostly used to contact celebrities and follow their news , in other words, people who have alot of free time xD
    i rarely use it myself


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