Happo0o0 Burthday to MOI ..!!

2:28 PM

My 23rd birthday was last Tuesday on the 9th of March. And must I say that it was one amazing birthday that I'd forever remember and cherish. It started with the never ending local and international calls and text messages from friends all around the world wishing me a Happo0o0o Burthday and later on an amazing outing with my closest friends ever (They surprised me with a volcano cake which I love), then a walk around my favorite place; the beach. Later, there was a birthday party at home with family, where the theme was all blue and white. It was more than amazing and cozy since it was just family. But the cherry on top of the iced up cake was the ending of it all; a spontaneous random one-day road trip to Dubai. It was all fun and crazy, and I went all out that day along with the company of my friends.

So time for the BIG Q; did I grow older?
I don't feel older, I feel the same actually. But personality-wise I did actually grow, I’ve had more friends, more challenges and more happiness come into my doorstep.

The other BIG Qs; did I accomplish a lot since I was 22? What goals are set before Number 24?
Yes, I have and I'm proud that all of those goals I kept set for ME materialized 7amdillah. As for my goals for this year?!

Well…. *long pause*

What tops my list would be visiting my second home, The Netherlands. I so very miss it dearly and it has been ages since I’ve heard people speaking Dutch, having Dutch food, enjoying Dutch summer and all. Plans are to go in the summer inshallah. Another plan is …. Hmmmm, maybe have this personal project I have in mind happen, and yes of course, I need to focus on my photography skills more; I've left my professional camera trapped in the closet for so long that I think it's time for it to see daylight again. And oh yes, another goal would be to write more stories and blog more often.

Anyhow, I leave you guys with a snapshot of my two tiers white and blue Birthday Cake (it was actually a shared cake, since my brother and I have our birthdays on the same day). All in all, it was and always will be a birthday to remember. I had a BLAST and to be honest, my 23rd is what I call a birthday celebration and it was done in STYLE..!!

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  1. happy birthday :D ! LOl im late :p
    netherlands seems great :D keep it up with ur goals and i hope u accomplish them ;P

  2. I know this is too late but hope you enjoyed your birthday, and as for your question about getting older, check this!



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