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A few days ago as I was browsing through the internet, I stumbled across a site that made my jaw literally drop. It wasn't something related to nudity, nor promiscuity. It wasn't something that was graphical nor something that was too colorful that blinded your eyes but rather it was something that was as stupid and dumb as ever. It literally had my heart stop on how annoyingly absurd some people are and how each generation proves to inherit more idiotic brain functionality traits than the previous one. 

What I literally stumbbled across was a facebook fan page that had the title of Allah in Arabic. I came across it via a friend who sent it to me as a suggestion and I was dumfounded to find a picture of a person on the title page. I got curious to know what was meant of the picture and apparently it was a visual presentation on how Allah The Almighty is supposed to look like. It got me infuriated and pissed off. I seriously had fumes coming out from my ears and nose from how offended I was. I started to read around just for the sake of knowing what on Earth the purpose of the page was only to find that the starter of the fan page apparently claims that he is God. I mean seriously this person has mental issues or something. Funny stuff was what he wrote as the description of the group. 

بعد وفاة اخر رسلي محمد ولانه لا يمكنني ان ابعث نبي

قررت ان اتواصل معكم من خلال هذه الصفحة لكي اعلمكم بوجودي واحقق لكم دعواتكم 
He claims that after the death of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), and since he was the last prophet, there was no way of communicating with his creations and loyal servants but through a facebook page to prove his existence. I mean literally what is this mentally sick dude thinking? To top that off and add to this aggravating issue, he crossed the line and went on claiming that there was an angel who rebelled like Satan did ages ago and refused to come down with the new Qur'an so therefore he claims that this facebook page is where all the new verses would be updated and collected to become one holy book. And the verses of course were laughable, and it went on and on with stupid verses that are claimed to be divine and all. It's sad really to see that many joined in and became fans and many liked those statuses as well. Only when I had hope for humanity, they always come and prove me wrong. Of course, yes I know that this is stupid and this dude or dudette has no clue on the declarations he or she is making or might probably be pulling one big pracitcal joke or maybe yet pushing the limits of personal freedom of speech. Though I must say that the icing on top of the cake was that fan page has over 20,000 fans. Unbelievable to say the least..!!  

Anyhow, I just thought I could give a heads up on how idiocy is being more and more evident as generations increase and it's amusing to see how many people stupidly and  blindly just became a fan without even checking out what the page was really about. So watch out people, you might be being a fan of something that is way off your belief system and what not. And by doing so that clearly gives off the real defioniton of idiocy. And plus how can you be a fan of God? You aren't a fan, you are either his follower or not. it's as simple as ABC, I don't think you'd need to tell everyone that you are or aren't no? It just really doesn't add up, well at least to me.

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  1. i came across it too, what im shocked is the 20,000 fans that the idotic person has, so sad that ppl reach these level in these days


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