When is an endangered species not an endangered species?

11:48 AM

Oh right I know... When it lives in the sea, apparently..!! *throws a tantrum*

I was just wondering: Do the emotionless eyes of sea creatures leave our hearts cold? Don’t we deserve to protect these creatures that make so much of what planet Earth is to us? Don’t they deserve to be safeguarded from all those dangers they face? Why are Rhinos and Tigers given more importance than them? Sea creatures deserve as much protection as their land counterparts is my take on it.

It’s sad to see that when it comes to fish, the world doesn’t care much about them. Being in water doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t endangered. I might be biased on my views given the fact that I deal with marine life almost on a daily basis, and is the reason why I specialized and decided to make my career out of it. But truth be told, this is the fact and it’s just sad to see that although the entire world claims to be modern and moving forward I haven’t seen them seeing this nor taking action. The biggest current proof to this, causing me to call it outrageous, is that in spite of the constant and continuous annihilation of the ocean, marine species were refused protection at the recent United Nations conference on Trade in Wildlife which was held two months ago in Doha, Qatar.

When will people wake up and see that fish and other species underwater are being cleared out from our oceans and seas? Do we need more dead seas in the world? It’s funny to see that:

Tigers, rhinos and elephants are all better protected after the meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites). But hammerhead sharks, bluefin tuna and other marine species should be quaking in their skins. For when it comes to fish, the world has decided that scientific evidence of imminent demise is not reason enough to defend them against overexploitation.
It saddens me and really moves me to the core knowing that because of political strength and what not, such a mode of protection is hindered and deemed not available for those creatures that need it the most. Sharks are getting depleted by the tons, corals are getting bleached by the hundreds, and many other species would disappear due to un-recoverable shrinkage of population sizes. This is happening while everyone else turns a blind eye to this. Wein 3aysheen? (Where are we living?) It’s shocking that we are in the 21st century and such so called mentalities and myths dictating that what is under the sea cannot be endangered nor feel pain still exists. God ..!! Just writing about this makes my heart ache but I just had to let it out and write about it.

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  1. this really sucks ! your right, how come wildlife animals is given protection while marine doesn't, 70% of earth is water ! which contains billion of life in it which are killed everyday for all kind of reasons , its a national cultural treasure that people need to take care of..
    with all the technology and brains , they should think about this thoroughly


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