Spooky & Dreadful..!!

8:56 PM

So news has overspread about a Cyclone named Cyclone Phet (who calls a cyclone such a name anyway?!!) that is expected to hit Oman in the next 24-36 hours. It's really a panic issue especially that now it has rose up the scale to become a category 4 hurricane. People are stacking up water and candles like nobody's business, all shopping stalls and markets are seriosuly packed. I just pray that it won't reach a category 5. I, for one, am amongst those very few Muscatis who haven't witnessed Gonu, and never saw how scary it was ( I was working abroad then). I only got to see the pictures and chaos it left behind along with the unity that made us all unite in one spirit and one pulse. Basically, this is really going to be a very spooky and dreadful experience.

I am praying with all my will and strength that it shifts course and goes back to where it came from. I pray that all the countries that are expected to be hit to not suffer any loses on souls. I pray that this cyclone's strength subsides and returns to a mere cateogry 1. May you all be safe and sound inshallah. 3asa 5eir *continues praying*

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  1. it hit ma9ira and gona hit sur soon, we expecting heavy rains on thursday and friday, 3asa 5air, i just hope everything would be safe and it would be less damaging then gonu which was category 1
    the cyclone should die when it hit soil so inshallah we are gona get the rain blessing only


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