Those Will Be The Best Memories II

2:00 PM

Date: 22nd of May
Weather: Beautifully dry and windy-ish
View: Black and White everywhere

Tension and frustration was on a high, everyone was glued to the screen with their eyes focused on the moving ball that went left and right. It moved from one goal post to the other. 11 minutes passed since the first whistle and and then there was a GOAAAAAAAAAL. Ravanelli scored for Juventus. It was 1996 and the final of the Champion's League season of 95-96 was being aired. All I remember hearing after Juventus scored was JUVE JUVE HAAAA; the famous chant Juve fans chanted after scoring a goal. Everyone was cheering and happy that we were leading. The excitement in this match was different than any other match. Juventus winning the League would mean that it would be their first championship trophy since 1985 (was even before I was born). And boy was I at the edge of the seat. 
This time around I was older and grew much more fonder of the sport of my forefathers. I grew up cheering for the teams my Dad cheered for. I ended up being registered in footy classes at the tender age of 8. It was an experience unlink any other. I finally got the jist of the whole hype about football and I actually loved it so much that I'd not want to do anything but watch and play football. I guess that also made my Dad and Grandad happy; they managed to pass on their passion to their first offspring and grandchild. It's true that I was no boy but I was more masculine in my attitudes and tendencies that made them sometimes forget that I was actually of the female gender. 

I joined in the celebrations and chants that filled the moist air in the cinema hall where the match was watched with almost a full house of Juventus fans but the Ajax fans didn't budge and also cheered when the equalizer was scored a few minutes before the whistle marking the end of the first half was blown.

The second half came around and it ended with the draw. Extra time was played but still ended with a frustrating draw.  I found myself reminscing on my first experience witnessing a penalty shoot out. But it was differnt this time because I grew more emotioanl at every player that advanced to score a goal. I remember Ciro Ferrara, Gianluca Pessotto, Michele Padovano, Vladimir Jugovic scoring without anyone of them missing and it was Victory. Juventus defeated Ajax, the defending champions and to date it has proven to be the only Champions League title Juve won in the 90s. Ironically, my most memorable football memories almost always ended up in a penalty shoot out. Something about it just gives you an adrenaline rush. Gosh memories really do take you back..!!

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