97.0 Classical FM

10:27 AM

Now this has been the most exciting news I was countdown-ing for. We finally have classical music radio. I don't know about all of you but I for one am ecstatic that it finally is launched. I've heard of this project around last year and I was very much thrilled with the whole idea. The best part is they don't stick themselves to particular composer which is great. I always hated it when you'd tune in to 90.4 and all you hear is the same piece by the same composer being played. Most importantly they'll be playing Strauss whom I seriously love. His music makes you go all serene and bubbly. Okay guys, you might have the picture that I am a classical music freak and YES I actually am (at least to all of you, there are others who are way freakier).

Though I'd have to say that some new age should be played from time to time; most people love Yanni and Enya. I’m sure that dedicated airtime to some New Age would definitely increase the number of listeners for sure. Ahhh *sighs* finally classical anytime and all the time. That’s just lovely..!!

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  1. at last another type of music :D i wana hear some of yanni's songs, hope they play it , great news


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