Clink clink to Oman

12:30 AM

The 23rd of July passed by marking the reign of 40 years for our Sultan. It has been a wild ride for those who witnessed times before and after the renaissance. My parents and grandparents were amongst those who left Oman during the dark ages only to return to enlightenment in the 70s and the promise our Sultan made never went to waste. We the new generation are the most important product of this ever so improving development. Gathering around in circles listening to the stories of our ancestors and old family members old my grandparents and to how different and tough their lives were to us has kept on instilling that pride and dignity any patriotic country men would have for their country and for that I am most honored to be called Omani.

Though I would have to say, I can't wait for the 18th of November. I'm sure it's going to be one big affair. So clink clink to Oman..!! You're always in my prayers, my blood and soul :D .

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  1. congrats to Oman and to all the citizens :D!


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