How do you satisfy your man..?!!

1:38 PM

Simply by slicing a watermelon in half and giving one of the halves to him while you keep the other ;) .

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  1. looool ! it has two meanings , the latter is food gets the best of a guy :D

  2. You are clever mr. ckZ :p

    What's the second meaning?!

  3. its not a meaning its most of a reasoning, dont give ur *all* to the guy always, or he is going to get bored, dont give him almost nothing or he gona ditch you away , so give him half ;) kapish?

    *it doesnt apply to all though*

    it also has a romantic meaning , as in giving him half of ur heart away

  4. See a watermelon some might find it stupid but it has a lot of meanings to it :D . And it's not only one or two meanings. There are much more but that's for your brain to find out ;)

  5. yea well those who find it stupid doesnt have a big appetite :p and are low in brains xD
    i wonder what are the other meanings o.O


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