How Shocking...!!

12:20 PM

As I reached home minding my own business, and enjoying some quality time with my siblings and mother. A phone call rang that totally changed my mood.

- 'Alo, Salam Alaikum'  
- 'Walaikum Assalam'
- 'Hey Rummy how have you been?'
- 'I'm great 7amdillah'
- 'Ma 3arafteeni?'
- 'Errrm no I beg your pardon but I haven't quite figured out who are you?'
- 'La la this impossible, you still haven't figured out my voice?' I was still in trying to match the voice with a familiar face but all I could come up with was blank.
'It's Flana'
- 'Oh my God, how are you? It's been ages since I heard of you. It's been what 3, 4 years?'
- 'No silly it's been 5 years'
- 'OMG OMG I can't believe I'm talking to you' 

Flana was my classmate during highschool. We practically grew up together in class. The last time I saw her was on a school get together dinner five years ago after we both graduated. But then she changed her number and I lost contact with her since she got married and moved to live the interior with her husband. 'So how are you...?!' We started chatting and catching up on our long lost endeavors and achievments. She became a mom while I became who I am today. It was a call that lasted a good two hours . We exchanged our email addresses, phone numbers and all and now I'm sure we would be more than in contact. We planned to meet up sometime next week and boy am I so excited :D .

But then another phone call an hour later changed my mood to the total opposite.
- 'Alo, Salam alaikum'
- 'Wasalikum Assa...' and suddenly the caller broke down. At least this time I knew who the caller was, so I immediately started asking what was wrong.
- 'Flana, 5eir what happened? Who is the one we need to punch and kick?'
- 'La La it's not that' as she still was sobbing
- 'Then tell me aish 9AYER?' I said anxiously.
- 'My sister...'  my phone dropped to the floor.

As shocked as I was and as much as I wanted to cry, I picked up the phone and told her I was on my way. I stayed on the phone the entire time while I was driving (something I usually never do) till I reached her place and consoled her and her family.

Life is really wicked. You never know what could hit you next. Seriously, a shocking overwhelming day that has made me go speechless. I'd like to ask you all to pray for my sister's friend who was more than a sister to me. Allah yer7amha w ye'3ammad roo7ha al jannah. May she Rest In Peace inshallah.

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