I Trust You

11:44 AM

They say that "Without Trust, there's nothing". Trust is an instinct that makes you make believe anything that comes out from a person's actions or words. Trust is actually the base of our society as it is. We trust that a person would make a difference in the way we live and lead our lives, we trust a person with what plans they have to move us forward and then entrust them with that message that they so ever preach. Bascially trust is everything and without it there's nothing as the quote puts it.

Time: 17:00 hrs
Place: One of Oman's very few shopping malls
View: Holy mother of flying eggplants - It's CROWDED

The other day, as my friend and I were strolling in one of the so very few malls that we have in Oman, we started having a conversation of how trust is an important factor in every dealing that we go through in our everyday life. And as we went on further and dug deeper, we went on as far as to say that customer service in our beloved country lacks that entire aspect of trust. To prove the point, we decided to enter one of the cosmetics store that was just around the corner. As soon as we did, we had a sales lady who had a really angry looking face on her to the extent that you could see those invisible fumes coming out of her nose. We got taken away from the first reaction, but we still roamed around looking through the merchandise until we asked her a question about the latest items they have.

"Shu? Ma tshoofen 8edamken?"* was the reply we got. I was taken by surprise and it really made me leave the place from how rude she was. My friend ended up cracking up and telling me there you go "Hatha el costumer service fi biladi"**. My patriotic blood really started boiling and it really annoyed me that she was right but coming to think of it IS actually true.

It has been very rarely that I would walk into a store and the sales person would greet me with a smile. They just follow you around like a stalker making you feel uncomfortable and you end up buying zero stuff at the end. Funny though is the fact that the entire industry behind costumer service is one of trust. If you trust what the sales person tells you and you are more than happy to let them recommend things to you and all, it's a win-win situation to both parties. You end up getting what you were looking for and they earn costumer satisfaction and the repeated visits of the costumer to that place. It is a pity that the 'I Trust You' game sadly isn't applied over here which is sad really. We really need improvement in costumer service FOR REAL..!!

* "What? Can't you see whar's in front of you?"
** "This is costumer service in my country"

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