Looky looky..!! It's a new look..!!

5:06 PM

Given the fact that I have been losing weight to the extent that everyone has noticed the dramatic change, I thought why not couple it with a new look for moi? It would look much fresher and cooler. I'd be more hip and awesome looking and all. And it would most definitely show off my new acquired figure. So I opted for a brand new haircut. My hair was quite long and up to my waist and I decided that a very short haircut would do the trick. So I booked an appointment with a hair stylist and had the cut. I must admit though that I had a bunch of second thoughts when I saw her scissors approaching my hair, and had to endure it with my eyes closed. It actually hurt but hey I was certain that I'd look more than awesome, which I did. Now my hair is exactly how the picture below is. Very short and layered and I just love it. Way easier to manage too with this awful summer heat. 

Oh and if you notice I also changed my blog's layout. Hope you guys like the funkier summery feel to it ;) 

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  1. now that cut is hot ! i hope u love it =D congrats !

  2. I actually do love it to bits :D Thanks ckz ;)


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