So Typical Of You...

11:32 AM

Apparently Oman entered the Guinness World Book of Records with the World's Largest Kabsa. I only found out about it a few days ago, a pity I didn't go to the event itself. Impressive really despite the fact that many people kept on b*tching , nagging and complaining on what would we achieve by having our name on Guinness. It bugs the hell out of me in all honesty. I mean here comes a person who wants to say thank you to the nation and wants to carry the name 'Oman' with pride and honor, so the whole WORLD can know about our beloved country. And you still find people who think they are better than everyone and have nothing else to do or say but indulge their tongue in stupid nonsense. Seriously, we Omanis almost never see the good in anything. We always have the tendency of turning anything good to bad. For God's Sake just stop it already. If you find it as a worthless idea and a waste of money why don't you guys find another initiative of making your country heard of and known about?! Rather than complaining about how there was no meat, how the people stuffed themselves up with food, how something like a mass wedding would have been much better and so on, why not just say Thank You or nothing at all? These young chefs really deserve a pat on their backs and for us to say Thank You for feeding our needy and hungry. We are proud of you. It might not mean too much to you but it means a hell of a lot to somebody else. So just Shooo away.

This is my response to those who are full of themselves and nobody else.

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  1. SO true , its the *7asad* in the omani community blood, at least we achieved something!i heard the rest of the food went to charities and was given to the homeless and poor people, now that really something to proud of, and i am =D
    *pats the chefs there* good job ! wish i was there ;p


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