Something in the making...

2:51 PM

I have been putting this on hold for quite a while now and it has been ages since I last did it. So, just wanted y'all to know that I am working on a new story at the moment. I'll give you a heads up as soon as I start posting it.

Also, what do you guys suggest? Should I have seperate blog for my stories or should it all remain as one main blog? I would prefer the latter but I'm all up for your opinions and comments. Shoot...!! I'm listening ;) .

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  1. wow great !!
    since ur stories been here , then i say it should stay here :D

  2. Nice! i agree it should stay here since. Looking forward to readig your story.


  3. Awesome. Thanks to both of you ;)

    Yeah seems a good idea to just leave them all here :D


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