Stress Blaaahhh...

12:03 PM

So it's Wednesday and I just so hate it when I know it is; the most crappiest morning is always at the end of the week. God, who even created that just really sucks.  The amount of workload always manages to increase which I just loathe. Seriously it's just annoying, but hey it's work and I need to have some postive boost to keep me going. Good thing is, I'm off to Dubai after this, which shall be relaxing or else I'd just shoot myself. 

Wish we had one of these decompression chambers at work really. Have you heard the research that states offering 15 minutes of massage at work increases productivity? Hope every employer listens and implements the principle of Work & Play. It would be just fantastic. Maybe in the near future (I'm keeping my hopes up for nothing :p ).

Cheers bbs and may you all have a fruitful weekend ;)

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  1. now that chamber is something xD i guess thats why msot people run away from work on thursday !

    enjoy dubai !


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