Wonderful Written All Over It

5:04 PM

This past week was filled with loads of walks down memory lane, bonding, laughs and smiles. I had a couple of my closest friends visiting me all the way from The Netherlands and it was a big surprise. They stayed here for three days and it was super fun chit chatting and remembering how we used to be back in our uni years and how terrible and awful but lovely, memorable, and gezellig ( a dutch word for cozy) they were. It made me miss being in The Netherlands and Middelburg (the city I was lived in for many years). It felt great catching up on our life happenings and fun taking them around Oman. They have managed to visit me over here every year. Sometimes you get flabbergasted when the friends that you least expect turn out to be those true real gems who are true friends. Now, I seriously need to arrange my long lost trip to The Netherlands at the end of the year :D . It would be the perfect time for me to enjoy the snow that I also miss :( .

Yesterday also was one of those unforgettable nights to say the least. My best friend's birthday is tomorrow and since her wedding anniversary and birthday are one day after the other, I decided to treat her earlier, which would give me plenty of time with her minus the hubby (if you know what I mean :p ).  So I surprised her and took her for a night out around town and had dinner at the Great Kabab Factory. All I have to say about that place is that it never has failed me once. The food is amazing as per usual and may I say that the they serve the BEST biryani ever. I just couldn't stop gulping biryani all night. The concept of the place is always good. The food is never late and you get served all the time, which is magic to my ears because I just adore and love food.

So yes indeed, this past week has wonderful written all over it, which I am thankful for :D . 

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  1. yaay im glad u had an amazing week too :D


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