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"A man who doesn't spend time with his family can never be a real man."  

A quote from my favorite movie of all time, The Godfather, and I actually believe in it. Without family we are practically nothing. Regardless of what they do to make our lives pure hell as in contrast of it being absolute heaven, we really can't live without them. 

Since I was a baby, my mother always instilled a ritual in all of us at home; Ramadan is the month where you reconnect with those you haven't throughout the year. So we usually get up early every weekend morning and head on to visit family till dawn where we head back home and enjoy our quality time with the immediate family. I used to always hate waking up and roaming around saying 'Hello, how are you?' to people who never really appreciated my presence nor my mother's but it was a must. And may I say that the idea of keeping me busy in Ramadan in the past was something I detested greatly, I preferred lazying around like a dead person to anything else. 

Though only this year did I notice the importance of it all. I realized what a wise strategy my mom put every year. I got to meet and hear stories of the old times from grandparents, got smiles and giggles from toddlers and kids, and got into heated debates and discussions with the rest of my family members. Plus, you always get the person to be on their best behavior because they are fasting. Oh and yes of course, how can I forget the crucial bit of information, you don't need to wait and get forced to having food; you can leave when you decide to leave.

It dawned on me how appreciative these visits were when an old lady who was my late grandmother's best friend cried herself to tears; she was the only one from her 'gal' group left.  The rest bid their farewells and passed away one after the other leaving her all lonesome.  She hugged us never wanting to let go with the words 'Thank You for not forgetting me' coming out of her with a sigh of relief. It was then that I realized its importance and the impact it had on those we reconnected with. It made my Ramadan experience more colorful than it was before.  

So for all of you out there, get your shoes on and start reconnecting, there's nothing like it really especially in Ramadan.

P.S: It's my 100th post today. Must have seemed like ages till I reached it :e . 

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  1. what your mother taught you is great..everyone should reconnect with their family, u never know what happens
    great post


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