Gurl Action Much...?!

10:05 AM

So since the beginning of Ramadan I have registered myself into a gym as a way to keep myself fit from all the constant invitations and heavy dinners which are quite plenty I tell ya. Anyhow yesterday was a normal day where I was invited over at a friend's place for iftar, and then later excused myself and got my butt moving to the gym. Amazingly I never got a place to park and had to circle around the place for ages until I got one. For a second I had second thoughts of driving back home but heck since I got a parking space, cut my visit to a friend's house short and paid money for my membership, I better get my money's worth. The receptionist as always was as sweet as mellow, such a sweet girl that makes your crappy day all brighten up with her pep talk and all, I so love that about the place. Grabbing the keys to the locker and a big fat towel for the shower later, I headed into the locker room only to find something you would not want to see in Ramadan if not ever. Two naked women were sitting at the bench just chit chatting and lotioning each other. My eyes popped out at the image, I looked away minding my own business and tried to place my stuff in the locker and get out of there as fast as I could. My sister who came with me told them off on how indecent they were and they simply just grabbed a towel to cover their front leaving their over sized behind dangling everywhere. Ignoring what happened, I went on doing our normal work out routine while chatting with a bunch of friends and all. It was as always a fun workout and I thought to myself it was good that I didn't ditch, give up and go home.

Hours later, after finishing off our rounds around the exercise machines, we decided it was our time to retreat and head home after a warm relaxing splish-splash of water. As soon as we entered the locker room that led to the showers, we noticed the entire female gym population we sitting at the benches waiting. Everyone was frustrated and pissed off and I was wondering what was wrong but just ignored and proceeded only to find those two ladies were at it in the shower. I was flabbergasted that none of those waiting at the bench warned me and more surprised that none of them made a huge deal out of it. It felt like it was okay for these ladies to do what they did and they just waited for them to finish off. Shocked I went back yelling and headed to the reception to report it. Last thing we know the female police made their way to the showers and took them into custody. 

C'mon people, it's Ramadan. Night time in Ramadan doesn't necessarily mean that its over. And it surely doesn't mean that God isn't watching over what you are doing. For crying out loud, you are that horny, go get a room away from us. Stupid I tell you, just STUPID..!! :@ 

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  1. okay im really shocked :/ in ramadahan and girls :S what were they thinking?!


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