Hello?! Am I A Diva?

9:21 AM

It was crowded and so smoky; darkness prevailed with sounds of people's chats and screams overtaking my ears. I was nervous and very cold; feelings I always felt if I were to embark on something big. ‘What was it?’ I wondered to myself. Someone tried to attack me from the stairs I was taking to head inside an enormous building. I was scared and lost. ‘Where was I?’ I wondered. ‘Why was this guy coming so close screaming at me?’ A big heavy masculine built man pulled the guy away from me and took him away. I was startled and looked away as this Asian guy was taken away. 'Come on Ma'am, we need to move a bit faster' a deep voice instructed as I sensed a hand on the small of my back leading the way. I frowned not understanding what was happening and how uncomfortable I was. As I walked through the building I read ‘The Royal Albert Hall’, which is a famous concert hall in London. ‘Oh okay, I am attending a concert’ I calmed myself down. As I arrived at an area where it seemed to be the dressing room, I thought I had backstage passes to the concert and was thrilled. But I only found a bunch of people rushing towards me, changing my outfit, putting my make-up, and doing my hair. People were shouting at each other and were in a very big hurry, I still was overtaken by the whole jumble. ‘What is this chaos? What is happening?’ I asked the make-up artist all fierce and angry. 'Nothing nothing' she said hesitantly. 'We are just a bit overwhelmed and working on getting you ready for your concert, ma'am' she replied. 'Please accept our apologies for being late from us all' she was frightened. I had a raised eyebrow expression as I looked around after my make up was done and saw that there were posters of me everywhere. I was a star, and from the make-up artist's reaction I was quite the Diva by my own right. The fans were calling out my name loudly and I felt a tingling sensation down my spine. I now knew who I was and smiled nervously. I was pulled over by security and off to the stage while an assistant went on saying how behind schedule we were. I then, headed on towards the stage. As the curtains were drawn and the fans cheered, I knew I fit here, I knew why I was here. It hit me then and there, I was there for them; my fans. Giving out a finger signal to the conductor, the music started and the fans started enjoying the music.

It was morning and bright, the sun rays pierced right through the loop holes of the dark curtains to land right on my eyelids waking me up from my sleep. 
Some lady stormed into my room suggesting that I overslept and had to catch a flight to Chicago where another show was due. It was the next day after a long night of music and applauds. It was exhaustive and tiresome but I was feeling content with the show I gave last night. It all sank in and I knew I was meant to become who I was. A few hours later, I reach a place where I was supposed to perform but it was disappointing. It wasn't what I expected it to be; I thought I was doing another concert show but that wasn't the case. As I stand in front of the studio, it dawned on me what I came here for and a huge smile drew on my face. I was actually a guest in a talkshow and now I was at the backstage area; a place that gave off a cold feel. I was nervous until I heard 'It's RUMMMYYYY'. It was Oprah calling out my name; I walk on to the stage and greet her ever so happily and take a seat.

That was a dream I had yesterday...!!

I think I had my jaw drop while in the dream from how unusual my brain was picturing myself. It was SO not me. Funny as hell was the fact I was speaking with a Liverpool English accent which I don't speak. Weird what your brain might imagine isn't it?

Apparently I was a very well-known young artist where I had this great awesome album that reached platinum. Later on, I retired and decided to just live off the fame of the album. My songs were of the New Age genre and I actually was playing the piano (which I stopped for years now). I composed all my pieces and did a famous collaboration with E.S. Posthumus (my most favorite experimental music band in this entire whole wide world) and Yanni, who apparently discovered me.

I still can't believe my dream *dies laughing*

Oh and not to mention the album's name was 'No Matter What' and I had 13 songs with the following titles:

  1. No Matter What
  2. Solitude
  3. My Teenage Dream
  4. Fade into Darkness
  5. Autmun Breeze
  6. Brandnew Feelings
  7. Mellow Summer
  8. Love & You
  9. Blue
  10. Hidden Wonders 
  11. The Perfect You
  12. Away from You
  13. Ultimate Heaven

Funny eh?!

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  1. *shocked* xD haha , that can be so true if u started singing from now on ;P
    weird dream, but proves u have alot of ambitions , keep it up =D


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