Jealous yet Sad ...

6:35 PM

Whenever I gather up the courage to watch some other 5aleeji TV channels, I feel jealous and sad. And this is the truth. It makes the blood run and boil through my veins and as always I'd keep on praising on how amazing these channels have evolved to be, even though being green with envy. Watching these channels makes you compare the past and present and seriously you see a huge difference.  I love everything about them from the visuals to the clarity to the quality of the shows to everything. But then I get pissed off and go on complaining and whining like a broken record on how pathetic we are for us to allow our Omani channel to ever go live on air. I'm not in the position to say that the government isn't doing anything nor do I have the liberty to say anything to accuse anyone but for crying out loud, What Is This?! We are in the 21st century, the year 2010 to be exact and never have I seen improvement in terms of quality or anything, I mean I remember the old days where the shows were the fun ones and our family would watch without complaining, but now it's like we are still stuck in the same era like we were 20 years ago.

We need quality, we need clarity, we need to totally refurbish it to meet at least the local standard. A lot of ideas come to mind, there are plenty and I say plenty of Omani youth out there who are interested in making videos, directing and as well in designing and visual artists. Why not take those and give them a chance to showcase their work? A simple idea of a national scale competition is more than enough to make everyone grab their cameras and ideas pop out of their heads. 

The picture above explains it all. We seriously need change. I don't want to go back flipping to the other whatever 5aleeji channels and feel jealous yet sad.

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  1. I agree about Oman TV. I don't think I know any watches it unless by accident!
    I remember the days when we used to live on antenna and we get most khaleeji channels except Oman but it appears in some days so when it does I keep watching it and I remember they used to show a cartoon about some frogs that go to space or something :P
    As for the Omani drama there were some good shows like Jom3a fe mahab el ree7 :D
    Old ha? :P

  2. no one opens oman tv sadly, only to see the a2than prayers? oman matches? thats all, you are so right , i dont think the channel really evolved since ten years ago, its the same routine, same kind of programs
    honestly the only thing i really cherish from it is jazoora :p that was a legend , but it wasnt made in oman >.<
    we need change , and rummy i think ur in the step of it ;p

  3. Well true dat to both of you.

    @hopless poet: jum3a fee mahab el ree7 was a classic and also the carttoons were something so hip about Oman TV those days and that's I meant with when I said the old days. Btw when we had arials we only could get Oman and not any othe 5aleeji channel :p .

    @cK: Yeah athan and Oman TV 2 for the local matches which both suck in quality. I'm in the step of developing it? I so hope so. Da3awatek..!!


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