Petrol Prices in UAE...

11:25 AM

Petrol prices in the UAE are set to rise a third time this year."

will become effective "a few weeks after Eid holiday."

Like really? Wallah? 

I read this news a few days ago and really have nothing to say but, this is just too much. Rents went down but now the petrol is going up. I guess I better seriously consider getting one of those bio bugs if I decide to drive to Dubai next time. 

Enjoy your weekend peeps ;) 

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  1. You have cool stuff here to add to the comments :P

    Well I have no idea why rising the prices! The Emarati rich governments in AD or Dubai just buying football teams and spending billions to buy players like what is happening with Manchester City now!

  2. Hahaha thanks Mr. Colorado :p

    Yeah I seriously have no clue myself. And what's even shocking is that it's the third raise of prices this year

  3. i guess to replace the dubai losses and a way to move up their economy? third raise , thats alot


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