Public munching

10:35 AM

Public munching and sipping is NOT allowed, that's amongst those bunch of laws that remains intact over here in Ramadan.Something about this makes me feel sad and confused because it's gibberish. It doesn't make sense to me forcing non-Muslims of our community not to eat or drink in public during this holy month. I still find it irrational, I mean the whole point of fasting is for you to be thankful for the blessings God has immensely blessed you with. We are told by our religion to respect everyone from different color, ethnicity and religion. But do you think it's fair for us to force our norms and traditions over those who don't? I find it contradictory to what we are taught by Islam. Don't the non-Muslims have rights like we do? Don't they deserve to eat or drink when they are famished or thirsty?

These thoughts came into my mind when I actually witnessed some Omani men in our neighborhood yelling and screaming the hell out of one of those non-Muslim construction workers, who reached out for a cold icy bottle of water to quench his thirst. They are working to build YOU, a Muslim, a house for crying out loud. Isn't it their right to drink and hydrate themselves from the scorching summer sun of Oman? I don't find it commendable for us to impose our rules to those who don't fall into the category. Yes it's true we are here shocked with the unexpected holy month being in the summer months but c'mon that's not a justifiable excuse.

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  1. i really didnt know that and i agree its stupid, i guess people have the right to eat?!
    what about restaurants? cant they eat there though?

  2. Well now you know cK..!!

    Restaurants are closed in the day time.


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