Random Awakening: The Aftermath

4:55 PM

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If your ex calls and asks you to check something for him/her in his/her email and gives you their password, would you:

A) Do what you're told to do and then snoop around. A quick peek wouldn't hurt now would it?

B) Respect his privacy and log off as soon as you're done your task.

C) Come to the conclusion that as much as you want to snoop around, ignorance is bliss.

I had a 0.o dumbfounded flabbergasted look on my face :@ 


- Excuse me? *trying to clear my thoughts*
- I'm asking you a question here *in a serious tone*
- You wake me up in the middle of the night for such a stupid answer?
- Coz.... I wanna know your answer
- And why do I have to answer? *in an angry cold tone*
- Well...
- Yes?
- Errrrm I coz I chose A? 
- You're kidding me right? *in denial*
- Well no, ya3ni  it makes sense.
- OMG you're serious? *still in denial*
- I'm asking you a question no? 
- And why on Earth would you choose any? I'd never even respond to such a stupid request.
- Ya3ni what I did was wrong you think? 
- OMG OMG you're serious? You chose what? A?  *still in super denial and abusing OMG*
- *Anger silence*
- Unbelievable to say the least. 
- Yeah well I did and now I sort of regret it. 
- Idiot I swear..!! The guy wouldn't have told you to do so unless there's something he wants you to see or check out. 
- I feel stupid now. 
- Didn't you sense something fishy was cooking? 
- Well... *long pause*
-  Yeeeeeeeaaah? 
- *long pause* Belated April Fool's Day, Sadoooh , You Got PUNKED *screaming on the phone handset*
- *Awkward expression crept on my face* 
- Hahahahaha I got you this time. I so got you. Hahahaha I ATE You (which is an expression exclusive to her meaning that she has retaliated in style) 
- WTF? #%$^%$&^^%&
- Hahaha *in a sarcastic ecstatic tone*
- beeeeeeeeeeeeep beeeeeeeeeeep beeeeeeeeep ...

I hung up the phone. 

I even had a more angrier expression this time around than when she woke me up. Turns out all she was trying to do was get back at me for pranking her on April fool's day THREE years ago. What a come back..!! :fire . Such a stupid prank is all I have to say :@ . 


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  1. thats really stupid :/ wt a comeback

  2. hehehehehehehehe she got u Oh if i was in ur place i may finish her up hehehehe :D

  3. I know right?!

    Annoying and stupid.


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