Random Awakening

11:21 AM

I had a friend calling me up with the weirdest question at the middle of the night. I was asleep and seriously was in no mood to take her call but then she was going through a rough patch and I convinced myself to pick up the phone only for me to regret it later.

- Hey what's up?
- Errm I'm sleeping *in a just woken up voice*
- Good I woke you then 
- *Anger silence* 
- Okay quick question.
- What? *still in a tired sleepy voice*
- You should be clever and get your mind to work okay?
- Tell ME *in an angry tone*
- Okay listen up *long pause*...

If your ex calls and asks you to check something for him/her in his/her email and gives you their password, would you:

A) Do what you're told to do and then snoop around. A quick peek wouldn't hurt now would it?

B) Respect his privacy and log off as soon as you're done your task.

C) Come to the conclusion that as much as you want to snoop around, ignorance is bliss.

I had a 0.o dumbfounded flabbergasted look on my face :@ ...

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  1. I'll answer it for you. (A) Akeed!

  2. Hahaha you'll know my response in part two ;)

  3. middle of the night?! nas fa'9yeeen xD

  4. Haha, can't wait to know her respone :P

  5. Me two... Does it include el5ayarat?

  6. Ohhhh i would shoot her @ that moment....


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