Smileys for my Scribblings

10:07 AM

So I have smileys for my blog and it's just fantastic. Maybe some of you have noticed that smileys appear on my posts once it's fully loaded?

Wonderful and you guys can use the smileys too when commenting. The image below (you can click on it for larger view) shows all the smileys and its corresponding codes. You can type in the code followed by a space to have them show up on your comment post though you'd have to wait till the page is fully loaded to view them. Enjoy..!!

Note: I am trying to install the smileys panel below the comment form section and I don't know if the panel shows up when you guys comment or not. So does the panel show? 

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  1. yea it does xd ncie touch, i really love it :D!

    cool 8)

  2. I'm glad it does. Phew..!!
    Mercy zeekay :b


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