Step back to the Stone Age?!

10:21 AM

No not really, It's PARANOIA at its best.  <-- Click Me

I just had to post about this. And say WTH? *bangs table*  :@ 

I'm really speechless and words won't suffice what I'd want to express but WTH? *still in denial*  :| 

I so hope Oman doesn't follow suit because I really had my eyes set on buying a BB sometime next month and with this? Well I'm having second thoughts now, I think I'll be settling for another phone if this gets out of hand.

Power play much?! I so believe it IS so  :fire . 

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  1. That is total BS xo ! i dont see that even a true reason to ban them :s now im having second thoughts of getting one, hope oman wont do the same


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