We are an Empire?!

3:43 PM

So as I was going through blogs and reading those very funny, interesting and shocking stories my fellow bloggers had to say, I stumbled across Muscatiya's blog and literally had my jaw drop to the floor. The first middle eastern country to become an empire is 'Oman', and her emperor is 'HM Sultan Qaboos' was the fact she mentioned. I seriously had my eye pop out as I read the information. Amazed as I was, I hurried quickly to Google the news and turns out that many people have heard and wrote about it in various forums. I still found it hard to believe and started asking around only to find that even my siblings had knowledge of this piece of news. 

Surprised as I may have been, I now turn to you bloggers out there. Anyone knows anything about this? On whether it is true or not? 

Funny though is nothing official has been stated as of yet.  

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  1. wow i never heard about that before 0.0 but my dad said it's cuz HM Sultan Qaboos ruled for 40 years maybe

  2. yea i heard that, after 40 years , the British influence ends so its an empire after november 18 :D
    its something like that, not clear

    *the empire of oman* sounds good


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