Bad bad BK

5:11 PM

*orders 100 lashes on each staff's back and the execution of the manager and owner*

Some peeps apparently went out to Burger King with a bunch of family members and found this out:

And mind you it was only half way through their meal that they noticed that the bread turned Green from mold :~ . 

Where's the Municipality from this? 
Sorry BK but you just lost an entire clan because of this carelessness AGAIN.

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  1. OMG OMGGG :/ im so not eating from there again :s

  2. Damn....Are these pictures taken here.....I need to show them to my friends

  3. ewwwwww gross....
    i ate form BK twice n i got food poisoning imagine... yeah food poising :~
    for the first time i thought it might be something else other than BK *Gosh there were new here* and then when i got it for the send time me and my sis i said, come on girl it's obvious..
    I hate it wa3

  4. Yeah helltycoon its from here ..!!

    I have sworn off BK for good..!!


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