The Cupcake Trend

3:45 PM

Is it me or is the entire GCC young female population venturing out on making a cupcake business? I swear every single person/friend/ acquaintance I know are promoting their businesses. I tell ya, this is the problem over here. You do something seeking originality and all of a sudden you aren't unique anymore. You are bombarded with everyone trying out to out-do you in every way possible. Some just give up and quit, which is really sad. 

It is said that 
All art is but imitation of nature"

Meaning we are all imitators at what we do. Stories and novels envisage the dialogue  between humans amongst themselves and nature. Painting is picturing something you saw out of a magazine or a landscape or face you saw in reality. Same goes to sculpting and cupcakes for that matter..!! And I wholeheartedly agree with it but to blindly follow is something and to do something out of passion and love is something else. A thing that makes me think that not all those who start off a business are doing it because they want to but rather because it's a fast way to earn cash or reputation or simply to demolish what a person has spent building and nurturing for years (typical 7asad 3omani). 

Just my 2 cents..!!

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  1. as wt i think, its 7asad, they see something successful and being lazy they dont get another creative idea, they copy it.. to earn money and demolish the person who thought about it >.<


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