No Matter What:Chapter Six

10:59 AM


Noor feared that her mother might have noticed the notepad but luckily she left before she did. She hurried and placed the notepad back inside her bag. Looking through the door to make sure her mom left, she took out something from the side pouch of the bag and placed it in her pocket before she left the room.

'Shihab calling...' her phone flashed

She got surprised. Shihab never called her since the famous incident. She got angry and chose to ignore the call. She hated him for trying to call. A few rings later, her heart softened and she remembered how he never meant to hurt anyone. How he was the reason for many happy memories. How he was trying to soothe his wounded heart. Taking out the phone from her pocket, she suddenly felt nervous. She didn’t know how she was supposed to greet him. Her heart skipped a beat hoping that it wasn’t bad news. Her hand shook fretfully as she clicked on the answer button. Clearing out her voice she started to speak but nothing would come out of her vocal cords. Her brain was in alarm failing to send signals for her to speak until she heard him say the five letter word.

- ‘Hello?’

Her heart felt mellow as she sat on the floor cross legged and leaned to the wall. The breeze from the air conditioner of the living room hit right across her face as she arranged her legs and arms in a comfy position on the cold taupe marble floor. Smiling as her uptight body relaxed, she replied with a sweet soft casual,

- ‘Hi’

He paused and remained silent for a while. He was trying to put his thoughts into words only for his brain to deceive him. Gathering up the courage after the silence became an awkward one; he opened his mouth and said,

- ‘I know you wouldn't like me calling you and causing...’
- ‘It's no hassle at all’  she managed to blurt out interrupting his long speech.
- Can I meet you?
- I can do mornings
- Fine by me. See you in an hour?
- Sure
- Okay, see ya.

They never decided on the place because by default they always met at the café where he wrote to his Noor and she wrote to her Shihab. Getting excited she headed over to her closet to choose the clothes that she should wear. Fiddling around, she found the perfect outfit that would go with her morning make-up which she carefully placed next to the clothes. In less than an hour she was all fresh and clean with a tangy spicy whiff scenting the place she walked past; her perfumes were always intoxicating.  She was all set and ready to see him as she clucked away in her heels which enclosed her feet perfectly.

She was calling, he knew from the customized ringtone he set for her as his phone flashed her name in block letters. Picking up to answer with a hello, he got bombarded with her angry screams on the phone,

- 'Where the hell are you?'
- ' I'm on my way. Got stuck in traffic'
- ' Make it fast. I’ve been waiting for ages'
- 'Five minutes tops I promise'
- 'Fine'

She hung up as her annoyed face softened up to reveal a radiant oval face and threw the phone at the large hideous sofa they always lounged at. She was already at the café and ordered her regular; espresso minus the glass of water, just the way she liked it. She was fond of her coffee concentrated and strong; exactly like her personality. She was independent with a big heart. She always kept herself well groomed and had a fierce look on her face that dressed up perfectly with her miss independent personality. Her nails manicured, light brown curls intact, expensive brand clothes perfectly fitted along with her oversized bag and sunglasses. This was Fajr, stylish and breathtaking. Many of Shihab's friends couldn't understand why he got involved with Noor when her best friend Fajr was way more sophisticated and beautiful. But Shihab fell head over heels with Noor because of her down to earth, sweet innocent personality. She always smiled and was so raw and pure that gave off radiance and a glow to her presence which Shihab couldn't deny. She might not be stylish with her outdated shabby sense of style. But to him it was the heart he fell for not the looks.

As her fingers started tapping on the table, a habit she picked up from her father, she started growing out of patience.  More than five minutes have passed and he still didn't arrive, she hated this. A thing she always loathed about her fellow country men; unpunctuality.  She wanted to dial his number only for her to feel a tender brush on her back. 'I told you five minutes and I never disappoint' he said but didn't seem upbeat as he usually did. She looked at him sarcastically 'Errrm technically it's eight minutes my dear so you did disappoint' she smiled but noticed how uneasy and sad he was. He seemed tired and drained. His dishdasha was unbuttoned, his kemma was almost falling off from how far back it was on his head and his beard unkempt.  ‘So how are you?’ she asked and felt like burying herself. How could she ask that? Of course he's not fine. ‘Great you made a fool out of yourself. What a dumb question Fajr. Way to go Fajr' she thought to herself. Shihab took a deep sigh and ignored the question. Sitting on the sofa opposite Fajr he tried to hide his despair with a smile. She smiled back with a plain smile and continued sipping on her now cold espresso. A moment of silent took over the place until he spoke. 'You know?...' Fajr kept her cup down and attended to him. 'It's a first...' he paused lowering his voice. 'It's a first that I see you without...' he cleared his throat unable to complete her name. Her heart went out to him. She knew the pain he was going through. She could relate to the two and how hard it must be for them to act all fine when they aren't. She remembered all those lonely dark nights she cried herself to sleep mending herself to perfection. She felt for Noor's fragile and broken heart.

Fajr and Shihab go way back, they were class mates. Fajr was the girl every guy sorted after, the miss popular type of girl. She was very pretty and with her petite figure and height, she really would have made a career out of modeling if she wanted. Shihab on the other hand was the nerd type who never mingled with anyone. He had braces, spectacles that looked like huge magnifying glasses and oiled up hair like an Indian boy who's mother dashed a pint of coconut oil on his scalp to style his hair. He always wore very short trousers that were too long to be three quarters. His trousers were short enough to show off his socks and a part of his legs above the sock line; hence the nickname Fajr and her friends gave him Mr. Bean. Though they weren't ever close, they never hated each other either. They both later on went on and pursued their higher studies and never saw each other until one day at the beach. The day Noor and Shihab met.

Fajr found herself standing up from her seat and scooting over next to Shihab. It was her gesture to display her offering of a crying shoulder. They sat there in silence for what seemed a century. They stayed quiet with only the background music playing; the café was empty but for the two of them. 'I know I have been distant' Fajr broke the ice and began talking 'and selfish lately' she continued. ‘I too, was hurt in the process. We were like the sisters we never had for each other until it all changed in a span of a day and night.' her voice started to shake and quiver. She missed her best friend, she missed everything they did together but now she was banned from seeing her thanks to Noor's religiously strict family. 'But I'm here now for you and I would never give up on both of you' she placed her hand on Shihab's shoulder blade. Shihab grew shockingly more quiet, the total opposite of what she was used of him. 'Shisho?' she called him by the nickname Noor gave to him; a name that only his late father used on him as a kid. It was pure coincidence that Noor called him that once and he was shocked but never told her until later on. It was a special name with a special effect on his heart.

His head suddenly tilted to her shoulder and a tear managed to drop on Fajr's palm. She grieved for his shattered soul. She shared his sadness and patted his back in an attempt to console him. 'You guys will be together. You guys are meant to be.' she said in confidence. His eyes were red and tired, puffy with dark circles that seemed they were soon going to invade his cheeks. His hazel brown eyes weren't even noticeable anymore; they only seemed to give off the feeling of torture, frustration and pain. Fajr couldn't help but pat him on his back in hopes she could ease the pain. 'Do you think Noor is okay?' he asked her as her heart raced. She didn’t know what to tell him about her. Should she tell the truth or resort to lying? What should she say? Shihab asked a question that was tough for her to answer. 'Of course…’ she paused. ‘Of course she is’ she smiled deceivingly as he looked her right in the eye.  ‘I'm sure she is. Our darling is brave' she reassured him as her pats on his back started pacing up. Her smile soon disappeared when he turned his face away. A white lie she told him. It wasn't true. Noor was having a tough time but how could Fajr tell him that? She couldn't. She wouldn't. She mustn't. 

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  1. fajer seems cool, strong personality, a real friend im liking noor more though xD really sad, i so want to know what happened between their love

    loved the way u described their feelings before answering the call
    keep it up <3 !


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