Religious hypocrisy

10:53 AM

Ramadan is the month where the non-practicing Muslim becomes a Muslim. The non-praying one turns into a praying one. The cheap Muslim turns into a giver. The terrible cook suddenly becomes an excellent cook. The non-hospitable Muslim turns into the mother of all iftar dinners host. The one who preaches not spending ends up spending three times his salary over materialistic stuff. The non-mosque goer turns into a frequent mosque visitor. Loads of things that you get really surprised about.

A point that made me reflect on this was going to the mosque for taraweeh prayers. It was crowded to the extreme, and yes as always I thought yeah well many people do pray taraweeh and value the meaning of it. But then it's funny that the amount of people you see in taraweeh don't account to a quarter of those who go to the rest of the compulsory daily prayers. Like really? Why would you just put a mask on to pretend that you go for tarwaeeh while you ditch praying the rest of the prayers in the mosque (this is addressed to the guys).

Is it really that many people reflect on their mistakes and start taking the correct path in this holy month? Or is it all pretense like it is mostly know and Ramadan is famous for?

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  1. very true, tarawe7 is mostly packed but take the other prayers , for example afternoon or dawn, they barely reach ten to twenty people there, while youd see around a hundered men praying taraweh, wts ironic , the other prayers are a must , while taraweh is just an extra prayer which isnt compulsory


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