Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship

11:09 AM

I've always been a fan of gymnastics. I actually fancied being one ever since I was a 4 year old but given that I was already short and the whole tradition and culture thing, my dad refused. Even though I have an uncle who used to be a gymnast and encouraged my drive into that long ol' desire. Anyhow, given that I still secretly wish I was one, imagine myself being one whenever I watch championships. I have a soft spot for the sport and have become an avid follower throughout the years. And that was what exactly happened since the 20th of this month, I've been glued to the TV watching how rhythmic and awesome these peeps are.

This year's championship is hosted in Moscow for the first time. And may I say Russians are really dominating this time. I guess given that they are the hosts, it's giving them an extra boost.

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  1. interesting :D !
    u wouldv made oman win if u were ;P


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