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3:31 PM

So I was going through my usual surfing on the net phase where I would Google random stuff just to learn more about them and I stumbbled across this that got me all queasy and disgusted. 

An ancient beauty tradition from this country, which is still practiced today, involves drinking urine in order to purify one’s body and thus achieving beauty from the inside out.

The country concerned is India and it tempted me to go read more about urine drinking and I couldn't believe what I found.Turns out there are cultures which consume it for ceremonial purposes. Some others cultures use it for various health, healing, and cosmetic purposes.

It is said that 
The Koryak people of Siberia are reported to have used the psychoactive Amanita muscaria mushroom, commonly known as fly agaric, as a ceremonial entheogen. The active alkaloids are unchanged as they pass through the human body, allowing the urine to retain the intoxicating effects of the mushroom: those who drank the urine of those using the mushroom would experience the psychoactive effects, themselves. Tribesmen who could not afford the mushrooms drank the urine of those who could; tribesmen drank their own urine in order to prolong the experience; and tribesmen on trips carried their own urine with them. They sometimes concentrated their urine by partially freezing it and ingesting the unfrozen liquid.

Don't you just feel disgusted :~ 

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