What comes to mind...

10:20 AM

...when someone mentiones Oman to me is the sense of home and how warm and cozy it is. While a big grin gets drawn on my face all I can picture is the place where my family is. Something about it just gives you a rush and make you go to another world of imagination. Some people would say forts and castles, camels and boats, sands and beaches but I seriously find it hard to think about anything but that warmth feel you feel as you picture your home.

Writing this reminded me of my time abroad and how I missed my home and country. The sore bitter feeling that accompanied it. The feeling that you are far away from its smell, sight and touch. Don't know why I wrote this but just thought of sharing how it feels being a stranger in another country.

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  1. i lived away for a huge part of life and its so true , u dont feel anywhere better than home, oman ..and im glad and proud to living here now :D
    so true


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